About Me

DorcasGrahamI’ve been a writer for most of my life, but only recently became an author. The passion to write runs through my veins, inherited from my father who used to spend his weekends hovered over a spiral-bound notebook, pen in hand, writing from his heart. The gift to write comes from God.

I was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan, a small suburb just north of Detroit. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Oakland University, and I spent most of my career working freelance journalism and technical writing jobs for various companies and newspapers. In my spare time, I would write short stories and even penned a couple of novels that didn’t quite gel. As it turned out, I needed to hone her craft.

I began to read all I could on the craft of writing, and I also took in what I’d learned from some of my favorite authors: Victoria Christopher Murray, Terry McMillan, and John Irving.

In 2007, In Three Days was born.  It took just over a year to write. With a Pentecostal church background, where going to church was more than just a Sunday morning ritual but a way of life, I wanted to tap into that experience, both the good and the unseemly. As I wrote about the characters, they came alive, and I even unearthed some truths about myself.

In Three Days is a story of the power of love and forgiveness and the reality that charity absolutely begins at home and in our heart.