In Three Days

New book coverJACQUI, DEENA, and SYDNEY are the daughters of Lillian Barnes and Bishop Charles Barnes, a highly-respected pastor in Nashville, Tennessee. Outwardly, the sisters are successful women with great careers, but on the inside, they struggle with relationships, long-held resentments, and secrets that can destroy them and their family’s carefully crafted public image.

Jacqui Ortez, the oldest sister and family peacekeeper, is barely managing to keep her head above water in the aftermath of a divorce that has left her lonely and struggling to raise her two children. Her new boyfriend, an up-and-coming minister at her father’s church, has given her hope and the sweet promises of a new life together. But there’s one major hurdle to their happiness: her boyfriend’s wife.

Deena Barnes is a successful pediatric orthopedist in Charlotte, North Carolina, with every material comfort she desires, yet she’s always felt like the black sheep of the family because of her father’s constant disapproval. And now she’s certain that her relationship with her lover will drive a deeper wedge between her and the rest of her family.

Sydney Barnes, the baby of the family, is the apple of her father’s eye and the sister who can do no wrong. She’s quickly becoming a gifted minister and her father’s right hand at the church. But Sydney’s growing responsibilities have strained her relationship with her longtime fiancé, a fellow minister who longs for her father’s respect, and questions whether her ministry will interfere with her role as his wife.

Despite their differences, the sisters come together to celebrate the opening of their father’s new megachurch. But a bitter family dispute and the resulting public relations nightmare reveals a family in crisis and on the verge of being torn apart. As the sisters wrestle with their issues, their beloved mother suffers a potentially fatal heart attack. Through their mother’s fight for life, the sisters learn who they really are, what it means to trust God, and the power of healing and forgiveness.