It is never to late to write that novel

It seems we attribute the greatest accomplishments in life to our youth: having children, getting married, starting a business. As we get older we look at the younger generation with both admiration and disdain. They don’t know how good they have it, we say. If only I had that kind of energy, we lament. We forget that at one time we were that young and spent that energy as if there was an unlimited supply. Then as the years pass we often don’t look back in warm nostalgia but with regret. My motto is ‘no regret’. It is what it is. The relevancy is here. The important moment is now. Regret robs us of our future.

Fortunately writing a novel is one of those career moves that have no expiration date stamped to it, unlike having children or playing football. In fact some of our greatest works were produced by those well into their adult years.  Laura Ingalls Wilder, who penned the Little House series, began writing when she was well into her 40s, Frank McCourt wrote Angela’s Ashes in his 60s.

ernest hemingway

If nothing else (hopefully there’s more) with time, comes experience and a different kind of passion; it is a passion drenched in wisdom. It is not that you know everything but you have begun to comprehend the important things. Those things that seemed so relevant and necessary in youth have shifted in their place of significance. Sure, we can still write about the trite, create characters that are still struggling to find meaning in it all, with but you are doing it from a loftier position, a position of knowing—if only somewhat. The urgency in your writing is that which you have created or remembered.


Writing at this point is not from desperation to launch a career, but a need to get it out, so to speak and to give life to the voice that has been haunting you and urging you to write. The truth is, sometimes the work of an older writer is clearer, more insightful. They’ve seen and lived multiple points of views the perspective is not obscured by novelty or neediness. Now don’t get me wrong, for as long as I live I want to find and discover new heights and fresh experiences, but they will add to what I already know.

I say if you have an urge or desire to write; if all you can think about is putting pen to paper, than get it out there. And yes, the game of book publishing has changed even within the past 10 years, but that’s OK. The thing to be concerned with right now is getting your story on paper. Go on, the world may be waiting to read the story told your way.