Whenever you don’t feel good enough–write through it

I have a friend who says whenever she finishes a book she gets this overwhelming dark feeling that it will fail, even with numerous books to her credit, a smothering sensation undermines her confidence and suddenly it feels as if she’s back at book #1. It will not be successful, the voice mocks, and no one will read it and how truly ridiculous it is to even think that this story was a good idea in the first place.  But every time she finishes a book she presses forward. Every time.

Her desire to succeed is greater than her fear of failure.

But what about the rest of us? How many times have we taken these feelings to heart and backed off of a project or lessen the frequency in which we write or read or seek an agent or send out another query letter? In reality, all it takes is a shift in our thinking paradigm to throw off our game, to become less enthused or to stop reaching for that muse. There is a scripture in the Bible that reads, …for as he thinks in his heart so is he.” When we start thinking that we can’t…well…we can’t.

Good Thoughts override the bad

That is why it is important to flood our hearts with good thoughts. Simply ignoring the bad thoughts is not enough. Even when no one else is encouraging us, we must remind ourselves every day that we are good enough, we are walking in God’s plan for our life and that is enough. Those other voices only come to discourage and would not come at all if we weren’t pursuing something worthy.

Feelings are Not Facts

When we get those feelings of discouragement it is important to remember that they are feelings and not facts. Feelings fluctuate depending on that which we constantly meditate. To change your feelings, change that on which you meditate. Think of your successes, your victories, and the message of your work. Fix your mind on such things, in other words be unmovable in your stance. Does this mean those bad thoughts will never pay you a visit? Not at all. It means that overtime your good thoughts will silence the bad ones and you will prove to be victorious.


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